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Komos Oval


The Komos collection recalls in the name a ritual procession that was part of the Dionysian festivals, during which the participants dancing, singing and drinking indulged in an atmosphere of alcoholic spree. The name of the collection therefore enhances conviviality and being seated together around a table. Komos in fact wants to underline that classic taste and that supernatural aura and sometimes over the top atmosphere of the ancient divinities, manifested in a particular way during the banquets. The choice of a classic name also wants to celebrate a reference to the past in the use of ceramic with a marble effect. The shape, as well as the material, if predisposed with proportionality and order bring an object to be immortal and so the overlapping of several ceramic elements transforms the accessories of the series into statuesque elements, making them eternal and not declined according to the trend of the moment. The products of the Komos series are therefore a reminder of the past with an eye to the forms of modernity.

Available finishes
Antique Brass
Blackout (Outdoor)
Corten (Outdoor)
Surface available in marble-effect porcelain stoneware
Surface available in stone effect porcelain stoneware
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