SUMISURA is the service that allows you to create customized environments, with coordinated indoor / outdoor solutions on walls, floors, lights and furnishings for minimal and elegant projects, following the specific requests of interior designers. Furnishing elements that with simple and essential lines guarantee continuity of tones and veins. By coordinating them, a stylistic fil […]

T|D at Milano Design Week – New Design Suggestions

A week dedicated to design and innovations, the one that saw T|D as the protagonist during the Milan Design Week which returned this year to coincide with the traditional Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 in the 60th anniversary edition. A week conceived to talk about a new way of conceiving design furniture declined in its […]


7 – 12 GIUGNO VIA SAN MARCO 3810 AM – 7 PM On the occasion of Milano Design Week, TERZADIMENSIONE is proud to present a colorful rug for your outdoor.Five design studios contributed to the design of the rug decorations, focusing their attention on style and refinement to achieve a high level of elegance and […]


Dunes is inspired by the nature, the desert and movement of the sand carried by the wind. The golden lines of the decoration mimic the design that is naturally created and altered on the sand dunes. Dunes is combined with white stone, which with its material lightness underlines the simplicity and harmony of the decoration, […]

The magic of a colorful rug for your outdoor

T|D has developed a decoration dedicated to outdoor environments with a high visual impact able to give color and enhance private gardens, hotel gardens or Headquarters entrances. Five design studios contributed to the design of the rug decorations, focusing their attention on style and refinement to achieve a high level of elegance and characterization. High-thickness […]

Era Glaciale

A typically Italian marble that has become a symbol of classic choices in the furniture and design sector: Era Glaciale. A typology that, thanks to its delicate hues, furrowed by oblique veins of various shades, creates fascinating contrasts that can be easily combined with various stylistic situations. Unique features capable of defining enchanting effects. TERZADIMENSIONE […]

A new way of conceiving the bathroom

Linear and defined geometries, concrete shapes that give exclusivity and style to the bathroom. Clean lines designed by the ceramic that gives it lightness and solidity at the same time, are combined with rigorous and elegant perimeters capable of combining the modern with the traditional, enhancing the image. Porcelain stoneware gives a new image to […]


The KOMOS statuary collection developed by LatoXLato for TERZADIMENSIONE presented in an editorial of the platinum magazine ELLE Decor.


TerzaDimensione is proud to invite you visiting a selection of our outdoor solutions, combining the best artisan knowledge handed down for generations with cutting-edge industrial techniques. Inside the PAV 18 CONTRACT HALL T|D awaits you for its installation: OUTDOOR TABLES PAS JAPONAIS LIGHTING You will also find the whole collections at ourSHOWROOM in IMOLA and […]

New products guidelines

We are pleased to announce the presentation of the new T|D Slabs and T|D Furniture product guides; lines and finishes synonymous with modern craftsmanship of Italian elegance. A contemporary and creative style, which incorporates the finest essence of design.

MIKO: the perfect combination of inside and outside.

MIKO derives from the Japanese which indicates the women who took care of the temple as the absolute place where people meet. MIKO is synonymous with sociality and rational strength which is emphasized by the union between the base and the ceramic slab of the top.

T|D Bathroom: Individual lifestyle

The T|D Bathroom collection departs from excessive minimalism and essential designs, identifying an individual and characterizing lifestyle through the elegance of the material. The washbasins are offered on top or suspended, in porcelain stoneware. Their design with essential lines and rigorous and elegant perimeters able to combine the modern with the traditional enhancing the image […]

TD|SLABS STONE: A totally new way to decorate outdoor spaces.

Our TD|SLABS Stone collection interprets the natural simplicity of stone in a modern key. It is available in large format in slabs of 120x278cm thickness 6mm, in 120×120 cm 9.5mm thickness for the interiors and in 120×120 cm 20mm thickness R11 for exterior areas. The Pas Japonais solution allows you to use 20mm anti-slip slabs […]

Terzadimensione slabs: natural inspiration

From the principles of conscious production and careful study of details together with the optimization of processing, the range of TERZADIMENSIONE slabs was born to develop contemporary projects of great prestige. TERZADIMENSIONE opens the doors to new frontiers of design, both for interiors and exteriors, allowing the creation of new products that combine design with […]

OTO: A collection aimed at breaking the mold of design

OTO is a collection based on the material sense of the structure, dynamic support in favor of visual minimalism with extreme characterization of the finishes. OTO is synonymous with sound in Japanese language, the sensation given by the vibration of an oscillating body that propagates in the air, as well as a new design that […]

Discovering the Komos collection

Komos recalls a ritual procession typical of the Dionysian festivals, during which the participants dancing, singing and drinking indulged in an atmosphere of revelry. The name of the collection evokes conviviality, emphasizing that classic taste and that supernatural aura typical of ancient divinities. Two aspects emphasized by the collection: The ceramic, with the passing vein. […]

MIKO: A New expression of moderation and minimalism.

The aesthetic sensitivity that characterizes Miko’s forms is an expression of moderation and minimalism with a balance of lines, spaces and modules. The materials are worked with knowledge and reveal their raw essence, modelled and adapted by man’s will. Space and void are simple and universal elements accepted by multiple cultures. They express different aspects […]

A new brand in furniture Made in Italy

we are absolutely proud to announce the launch of our new brand, TERZADIMENSIONE. This new project is synonymous with Made in Italy, prototyping design and realization of furniture solutions, conceived by brilliant designers. TERZADIMENSIONE means modern craftsman of italian elegance, computerized and digitized. TERZADIMENSIONE designs and manufactures high quality furnishing accessories in a contemporary and […]