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Bologna - Modena - Paris - Dubai

TERZADIMENSIONE is an Italian company that manufactures furniture elements, indoor and outdoor surfaces, combining the best artisan knowledge handed down for generations with cutting-edge industrial techniques.

TerzaDimensione Chi Siamo

TERZADIMENSIONE is synonymous with made in Italy. Design, prototyping and realization of bespoke (TAILORED) furnishing solutions, always studied and conceived by brilliant DESIGNERS, using the great skills of the artisan workshops of our regions.

TERZADIMENSIONE is synonymous with modern craftsmanship of Italian elegance, modernized, computerized and digitized. TD designs and manufactures high quality furnishing accessories in a contemporary and creative style, interpreting the values and elegance of the Italian tradition. Objects manufactured by enhancing a mix of the most noble materials such as wood, crystal, ceramic, iron and leather destined to last over time becoming classics.

TERZADIMENSIONE is attentive to the principles of conscious production with respect for people and the environment. The careful design of details together with the optimization of the processes, the result of experience and scrupulous checks, allow to maintain a high quality standard at coherent costs.