Terzadimensione slabs: natural inspiration

From the principles of conscious production and careful study of details together with the optimization of processing, the range of TERZADIMENSIONE slabs was born to develop contemporary projects of great prestige.

TERZADIMENSIONE opens the doors to new frontiers of design, both for interiors and exteriors, allowing the creation of new products that combine design with the technical characteristics of ceramics.

Several proposals such as the always elegant marble effect with the completely random pattern of the veins that give it naturalness and sinuosity.

For prestigious residential and commercial spaces, the slabs also proposed in 120×280 (6mm) and 163×324 (12mm) formats MAT and HONED (on request), provide the solution for architects and designers who want to dare by taking the concept of design to the extreme.

Each project can be completed with counter top tables and other furniture solutions signed by TERZADIMENSIONE.

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