Dunes is inspired by the nature, the desert and movement of the sand carried by the wind. The golden lines of the decoration mimic the design that is naturally created and altered on the sand dunes. Dunes is combined with white stone, which with its material lightness underlines the simplicity and harmony of the decoration, creating a sensation of visual continuity throughout the composition.
The creating process of the decoration is based on essential guidelines. From the beginning, the design should have had natural and harmonious characteristics such as fluidity and dynamism, the randomness of the design and the absence of strong directionality. This allows Dunes to be able to adapt itself to different formats and sizes, from the most classic to the most daring, and to different solutions, from traditional coatings to furnishing solutions.

Design: Operavisual
Art Direction: Operavisual
Ph: Francesca Pelliconi

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