T|D at Milano Design Week – New Design Suggestions

A week dedicated to design and innovations, the one that saw T|D as the protagonist during the Milan Design Week which returned this year to coincide with the traditional Salone del Mobile Milano 2022 in the 60th anniversary edition.

A week conceived to talk about a new way of conceiving design furniture declined in its INDOOR and OUTDOOR versions and to present new style concepts.

First focus dedicated to porcelain stoneware decoration dedicated to outdoor environments with a high visual impact of the RUG’STONE line designed by 5 designers.

The second central theme saw the presentation of the new DIONYSOS collection which transported visitors to a parallel world made up of shapes and materials that come together in a new and enveloping style that characterizes the designers who sign it: Francesco and Virginia Valentini (The Capnist)

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The TERZADIMENSIONE team takes a few days off.

We will be closed from 15th to 20th August.