Pop Table

  • Belvedere Black
  • Calacatta
  • Calacatta Gold
  • Capraia Breccia
  • Carbon Schwartz
  • Carbon Silver
  • Grey de Savoie
  • Lincoln
  • Marquinia
  • Matt Black
  • Matt White
  • Patagonia Blanc
  • Quartz
  • Saint Lauren
  • Statuario
  • Wonder Green
Structure finishing
Cromo Inox
Brushed Inox
Black Steel
Brushed Brass


 4.500,00 + VAT

Surface available in the following variants
Grey de Savoie
Wonder Green
Patagonia Blanc
Capraia Breccia
Calacatta Gold
Belvedere Black
Saint Laurent
Carbon Schwarz
Carbon Silver
Surface also available in the following materials
Porcelain stoneware + mesh
Clear glass
Ceramic + tempered glass
Smoke black glass
Pop Table
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Collection based on the material sense of the structure, dynamic support in favor of visual minimalism with extreme characterization of the finishes, inherent in the detail of the material. The support surface, with the geometric perfection of the cuts, gives the collection sumptuousness and elegance, like the absolute epiphany of sound…

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The TERZADIMENSIONE slabs respect the canons of uniqueness and craftsmanship that distinguish the brand.
The uniqueness of the products is strongly sought after and the final image of the plan will be provided during the consulting phase.

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