The exclusivity of TERZADIMENSIONE at San Domenico restaurant in Imola

At two stars restaurant San Domenico in Imola, the subject of an important renovation, the brand new “Saletta 22” comes to life, a luxurious privé, an exclusive setting through which to observe the preparations of the kitchen without being seen.

An innovative idea born from the mind of chef Max Mascia, fascinated by the chef’s table trend and by the eclectic studio of architects A2 di Gasparri and Ricci Bitti.

A location conceived and furnished down to the smallest detail to emphasize the creative process and direct the customer’s attention to the window beyond which the dishes come to life.

Every detail is carefully studied and bears the name of illustrious Made in Italy brands.

Within this fantastic environment, highly characterizing and which releases innovation wisely blended with tradition, TERZADIMENSIONE is proud to have inserted its round KOMOS table, created by the designers Virginia and Francesco Breganze and which combines the importance of the choice of material and the study of proportions, alternating the main elements capable of giving the object and the space in which it is placed a sense of monumentality and elegance.

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