Miko collection

Miko collection

The aesthetic sensibility that characterizes Miko's shapes is an expression of moderation and minimalism that manifests itself with a balance of lines, spaces and modules.
The materials, worked with knowledge, reveal their own raw and original being, shaping and adapting to the will of man.

The simplicity inherent in the project is not a ''simple'' condition to implement, it has its own language defined by silent and discreet combinations, purged of all forms of style and subtly intense.

Space and emptiness, elements at first sight simple and universally known and present in many cultures, take on dissimilar aspects.
while maintaining a condition of interdependence.
Enclosing the void, identifying it as a space materially or ideally determines a place.

The expression of this concept translates into a square, empty space, delimited by four poles then pointed in their respective corners and joined together by a ''rope''.

The MIKO collection circumscribes the void without filling it, delimiting it by tracing invisible guides, generating a place of conviviality and experience in which to recognize oneself.

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